Tuesday, 30 August 2011

HP to make (some) more TouchPads for US customers

In the "TouchPads only exist in the US" otherworld that HP now inhabits, they've decided that they will do a limited production run of more TouchPads for US customers who registered with HP to get notification when more stock was available. In the HP The Next Bench blog entry, it seems that there will be more US TouchPads available in a few weeks, presumably at the $99 and $149 prices from the first firesale.

Meanwhile, in the UK, there is exactly zero stock available for purchase either instore and online at the £89/£115 firesale prices, with no confirmed sign of any new stock of TouchPads ever being available in the future. Sure, there are rumours about Comet getting a shipment in the next few days, but until we see the stock on their site and HotUKDeals has another 25,000+ posts on it, I'm afraid it's just all fiction and very little fact.

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