Monday, 29 August 2011

US 12 UK 0 - the free promo app gap widens

If you want to irk UK TouchPad users, why not give US users 12 free apps worth up to $15 each and UK users absolutely nothing? Well, that's what's happened since the Touchpad firesale on both sides of the Atlantic, with today's release of another 6 promo apps for US users to digest and UK users to get hugely frustrated about.

I'm just too upset to list them all, so I'll let the folks at do that for you. The TouchPad was available outside the US, HP, or have you forgotten that just like you forgot to display UK date format on the main system menu of all UK TouchPads? And where's the Kindle app on UK TouchPads or didn't you remember the Amazon UK launch of the Kindle back in October 2009?

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