Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Android on the TouchPad is almost here...

As far as I'm concerned, enough of Android CyanogenMod port now works on the TouchPad that it's time for them to release it publicly as an alpha or beta. Since the initial reports of the touchscreen working, they've also got 2D/3D hardware acceleration, wi-fi, the accelerometer, audio and dual core support working fully, with the Android Market app left to fix.

What's been missing though, is a complete list of what isn't 100% working. For example, none of the videos to date have shown anything w.r.t. the camera, GPS or Bluetooth. Also, we need a list of what CyanogenMod think has to be 100% working that isn't now before they'll release their first version. My sneaky suspicion is that they are trying to get everything 100% working. Whilst their speed of working is impressive and that's a laudable aim, what if one feature won't work properly for months? Will CyanogenMod then hold back any releases until Christmas or beyond?

Personally, I think the two things that they need to work on almost exclusively now are a multi-boot loader (so you can choose which OS to boot into) and a well-packaged installer (which would handle installing, uninstalling and maybe updates), possibly requiring Preware to be installed first.

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