Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cheap screen protectors for your TouchPad

I bought a pack of 5 FoneM8 screen protectors for my work HTC Desire phone for £3.34 from Amazon UK back in January this year (now even cheaper at £3.20) and they were so good, I'm still using the first one now in September!

Imagine my delight when I noticed that FoneM8 do a pack of 5 TouchPad screen protectors with a cleaning cloth and application card (though I use a credit card myself) for a decent price of £5.90 (update: price has gone up to £6.90). I've ordered a pack today and I'm hoping the sheets come with holes for the bezel button and camera of course (otherwise it wouldn't really be for the TouchPad would it?!).

Whilst waiting for your screen protectors to arrive, you can view this video on how to apply them, though this bloke is using an iPad screen protector (the packet they come in says "Ultimate protective solution for iPad"!). I also like that the packet claims it offers "UV protection" - is that an issue with iPads? Also, I'd like to know how he bought the screen protector before he'd even unwrapped his TouchPad! Personally, I'd still prefer to buy a protector that says it's actually for a TouchPad.

Update: The screen protectors arrived with zero instructions, a tiny cloth and card (both of which I threw away and used a new cleaning cloth and a credit card respectively). Each of the 5 sheets had correctly positioned holes for the home button and camera - lining up those sheet holes is the first task I had to accomplish.

However, I botched the first attempt to apply a protector because a bit of dirt appeared out of nowhere on the screen despite a load of cloth polishing. The second attempt was better, although I ended up with some bubbles on the bezel, which I can live with. These protectors are tricky to apply whilst avoiding bubbles, dirt, hair, ripples/creases etc getting stuck under them.

However, the peace of mind I get from a protector - which hasn't affected the TouchPad touch operation or screen visibility in any way - is well worth the struggle to apply it. A colleague of mine was gutted that he scratched the gorilla glass on his Samsung Galaxy S II only weeks after purchase, even though I warned him to get a screen protector when he first got it.

Where you can't "clamshell" shut a screen (e.g. like on a laptop or netbook), you really should consider a screen protector and preferably a multi-pack like the one I got, because you won't get it right first time, believe you me.

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