Saturday, 17 September 2011

Preware split their testing feeds - now called alpha and beta

I switched my Preware setup to the testing feeds a while back because it gave you stuff like an X server and xterm - always handy for exploring the TouchPad system. I did avoid the testing kernel feeds though - you don't really want to be running those unless you're seriously hard core.

However, Preware have decided that they will switch to using alpha and beta feed labelling. They provide an esoteric method to get them though, involving using a terminal to create a prefs dir/file for the feed and then uninstalling, re-installing and upgrading the Preware app. I've done all that - it apparently establishes your l33t credibility - and am using the beta feed now. After all that, I believe that Xecutah,  XTerm and XServer are all on the normal ("public") Preware feeds now anyway!

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