Friday, 23 September 2011

So that's why Android on the TouchPad hasn't been released yet...

It's a little misleading of CyanogenMod putting up several videos that seem to show blazingly fast progress of the port of Android to the HP TouchPad. This is because the real meaty work is being documented on a Google bug tracker and depressingly shows a large number of issues still left to fix.

Whilst this does explain why we haven't even seen an alpha release yet, I do wish CyanogenMod were a little more upfront about the amount of work left. BTW, it's fun to look at the bizarre priorities they assign to some of the issues - "CPU stays at maximum frequency when screen is on", for example, will suck the battery life hugely and yet is assigned "low priority"!

There's also a crucial statement from HP buried in one of the bugs:

HP Palm doesn't support Android and has not authorized anyone to provide consumers with the Android OS for Touchpad, either separately or loaded on the device. Additionally, anyone who loads Android on their Touchpad voids their warranty.

I've probably already voided the warranty with my Preware Govnah + UberKernel setup, so I don't really care about the lack of Android love from HP. However, it is a useful reminder to people who might not be so willing to lose their warranty.

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