Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Team Touchdroid take the lead...

It's starting to get very interesting in the Android-on-the-Touchpad projects this week, particularly with Team Touchdroid, who seem to not only have a fairly new web site, but have got the touchscreen fully working! This video shows multi-touch working in Android using all 10 of the guy's fingers/thumbs. Now we just need to make sure the graphics aren't dog slow, the wi-fi's working OK and then hopefully we'll see a dual-boot Android in the next few months. The screen was the first of the three core issues that have to work before a wider audience can start playing with it.

Touchdroid are also soliciting for a design for the boot menu logos (is the use of the green robot allowed anywhere by Google?), so they can't be too far away from actually creating a boot menu where you can pick your preferred OS on the TouchPad.

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