Tuesday, 18 October 2011

webOS 3.0.4 released as an OTA update

It does appear that webOS isn't quite dead yet, because HP have just released an over-the-air 3.0.4 update to webOS on the TouchPad. It's probably had its thunder stolen by the CyanogenMod 7 release last week, but the update does provide improved performance, the ability to (Bluetooth?) pair with non-HP phones and - at long last - a camera app as standard.

One word of warning - if you have any Preware goodies installed (particularly a custom kernel like UberKernel, the Govnah app and various patches), you might be well advised to uninstall them first before applying the 3.0.4 update. From the discussion on various forums, it looks like the Preware folks will have to release 3.0.4-compatible versions of kernels and patches because many of them don't appear to re-install OK after the 3.0.4 update.

To be honest, I'm now rarely booting into webOS because the massive number of decent apps on Android has lured me over. HP's recent bragging about having 1,000 TouchPad-compatible apps in their app store did make me laugh though!

After removing the UberKernel, Govnah and most Preware patches, I applied the update and it turned the TouchPad into a single-booting tablet again. It meant I had to re-install the "moboot" boot menu to get to dual-boot between Android and webOS, but other than that, the upgrade seemed to go smoothly. There's a new camera app - rather bizarrely in the "Downloads" tab - and I guess we'll have to wait for Preware to catch up with a new kernel and patches. Until then, I doubt I'll bother booting back much to WebOS, because the Android app experience is just so much better.

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