Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Android 4.0.1 (ICS) source code released

Google have finally released the source code to a major new version (4.0.1 aka Ice Cream Sandwich) of Android after highly dubiously skipping any source code release for the 3.X tablet-only version (the official excuses they gave were, in American parlance, "100% lame"). Google's dismal delay has meant that the Android port to the TouchPad has been using a mobile phone-only release (2.3.7) since it requires the source code and that was the latest source release until now!

The 4.0.1 release has been designed to work on both mobile phones and tablets and will be the basis of the forthcoming CyanogenMod 9 release - a port of 4.0.1 to a myriad of mobile phones and tablets, which will include the HP TouchPad of course. Whether this stalls or even cancels an alpha 3 (or beta 1) release of CyanogenMod 7 for the HP TouchPad is debatable. I'd like them to do one more CM7 release for the TouchPad (they've fixed several important issues since Alpha 2) and then switch to porting their CM7 work to CM9.

It would still be touch and go whether CM9 for the TouchPad - in any installable form - would be available before the New Year, but much of the hard work has been done with CM7 already. What a superb Christmas present CM9 on the TouchPad could be...

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