Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cyanogen 9 Alpha 0 released

Well, it looks like the Cyanogen team have been busy over the holiday break and have recently released the bizarrely numbered 9 Alpha 0 port of Android 4.0.1 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich). I suspect it gets the "Alpha 0" designation because a fair amount of stuiff doesn't work including hardware-accelerated video, the camera, the microphone and - because of the switch to MTP/PTP in Android 4 - "traditional" USB mass storage support.

I need to study the Rootzwiki forum posts for this release before attempting to upgrade my TouchPad from the current CM 7 Alpha 3.5 release that's working quite well for me at the moment. Liliputing have their usual useful installation guide and I'll update this post if I update my TouchPad to CM 9 (my initial inclination is to sklp it because too much doesn't work, but I might be tempted anyway).

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