Sunday, 5 February 2012

Touchstone charger on sale for £15

Not content with the recent official TouchPad case offer for £3.96, HP are now selling the Touchstone charger for only £15! For those who don't know, this is an inductive charger that you simply place your TouchPad on and it charges without any cables required and also switches on exhibition mode in webOS (e.g. a clock or a graphics demo - you can configure which ones it runs).

I've ordered one to be delivered to work, but rumour has it there's a chance of cancellation/refund (HP employees only maybe?) despite them confirming your order and taking your money! Time will tell as to whether I get the charger or not...

Update: As many of the people in the HotUKDeals thread discovered, HP failed to honour most of the orders (despite "accepting" the order and even taking money from my credit card!), which suggests they were taking orders when already out of stock - an all too common problem when the TouchPad itself was sold online last year. Yes, I'll get my card credited, but I was even less impressed when their cancellation e-mail came with a "To:" list of dozens of other e-mail addresses of people who had their order cancelled!

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