Friday, 25 May 2012

Open WebOS coming, but Enyo team defects

After HP open sourced WebOS back in December 2011, a new Open WebOS project was formed and has been trundling along nicely this year, heading towards the goal of releasing Open WebOS in September 2012. One would hope that Open WebOS would run on the HP TouchPad (it would be a kick in the face if it didn't!), though I doubt it'll lure me away from CyanogenMod 9, which is a seriously kick-ass tablet OS.

However, the bad news this week is that the team responsible for the HTML5 framework (Enyo) that is the core of WebOS have been lured over to Google! I suspect this might delay the Open WebOS project, possibly by several months. A shame really, because I was getting quite curious to see what enhancements Open WebOS would bring over the "stock" WebOS currently on my TouchPad.

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